Sunday, April 19, 2015

Seventy-Seven Nail Lacquer Live Love Neon Collection, part 2

I have part 2 of Seventy-Seven Nail Lacquer's Live Love Neon Collection for you today. (You can find part 1 here.) Put on your sunglasses and check them out after the break...
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

As before, these are jelly-like and translucent on their own and I wore them all with four thin coats. They do not dry extremely quickly and they do self level. I recommend a good, shiny quick-dry top coat and drying drops to meld all the layers together.

Mutant is an electric green neon jelly. It was slightly more translucent that most of the polishes in the collection.

Quentin is a highlighter yellow neon jelly. As normal with neon yellows, it was a bit more sheer than than other shades. You will see a few pigment streaks in this, but Connie noticed when she used the polish herself, fixed it immediately, and let me know. It's great when a maker wears their own polishes and evaluates them just like a consumer would! This makes me trust that quality is a priority, and this has certainly been my experience with the brand. 

Last but not least, Super Star! It looks like a neon pink but dries down to a neon Spanish crimson as the red tones come out, which makes me love it even more. You can see the slight contrast in the bottle versus my nails below. It is truly as bright and amazing as you see in these pictures.

Neons are notoriously tricky in terms of formula and I would say this is a very solid collection of them. Also, they definitely watermarble but I am a noob and will see if I can get some results to show you later! The whole collection (six polishes) is priced at $49.99 and they are priced individually at $10 each. There is a sale this weekend for 10% off with code WEEKENDSPREE. Check out the first half of the collection in my post here.

*sent by the maker for photography and review.*

Seventy-Seven Nail Lacquer is made by Connie in Washington state, sometimes in collaboration with her kids. Check out her shop for polishes with great formulas at excellent prices.


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