Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ever After Polish Spring Back to the Future Collection, part 1

Today I have the neons from the Ever After Polish Spring Back to the Future Collection. Ah yes, as a child of the '80s both these movies and fluorescent colors were a major part of my life! This collection is releasing on Friday - check them out after the break!
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Ah look, it's finally 2015! All those magical things we though we would have by now. Well, at least we have neons, still. This highlighter yellow neon is called 10/21/2015 and is a jelly finish that I wore in four coats on its own. You definitely need them unless you are layering it over white, so I recommend that option. This one was a bit difficult - it was pretty thick and did not self level, so layering is your best option unless you like the jelly quality. (Edit: Rachel let me know that this will be shipped a bit thinner so this will resolve some of the leveling and formula issues. Not all bloggers experienced the thick formula. ) It dries to a satin finish but I am wearing it here with top coat. It is a bit more greenish in real life than it is appearing on my monitor.

Great Scott is a neon blue, also a jelly that I wore in four coats. The formula was not as difficult on this one but it still dries satin and does not completely self level. Edit: This will be shipped with a slightly thinner formula. This one didn't want to fake my camera out, thank goodness! It is a really lovely color.

Hoverboard  is a pink neon similar in formula to Great Scott and it wanted to go nuclear in these pics! I would say the last one in the series, with my nails facing up, is the closest to the color in real life. It was just impossible to catch the mega-pinkness of this one.

McFly is the only holo of the bunch and is a bit more opaque and less challenging than the others. This is a red-coral neon that is probably closest to the first pic in this series.

I'll be back soon with the non-neon shades from the collection, which didn't put me and my camera in such knots! Of this batch, I would say my favorites were Great Scott and McFly. I decided to try these out on some nail art which I will have for you later in the week.  How do you like neons? Are you going to pick any up this season? Edit: These will be shipped with a slightly thinner formula to resolve leveling issues. Not all bloggers experienced the thicker formula.

*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Ever After Polish is made by friends Rachel and Miranda in Ohio. Their new line has something for lovers of all different finishes, with quick dry times and easy formulas.

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