Sunday, April 12, 2015

Marbles For Polish Just Desserts Collection, part 1

Marbles For Polish has just released some pastel cremes for spring and I have the first three for you today. These are part of a collection called Just Desserts, which I love! Every one has a yummy name, as you shall see. (Post of the second half of the collection here.) Check them out after the break...
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Blueberry Buckle is a pale cornflower blue that I wore in three very thin coats. It would also be fine with two coats. For pastels these are amazingly opaque. I have really pigmented nail beds and normally need four coats for light colors but these covered well. I did have some small white pigment chunks that you might see in some of the images but Shannon said that was only a problem with the sample batch - it has been fixed for the polishes sent to customers. 

Next up is Key Lime Pie - and that is exactly the color of this polish! I wore this in four thin coats, but two to three would do.

Finally, there is a pale lavender creme, Lavender Macaron. Oh, how I would love one of those right now! I am showing this in three thin coats, and again, it could be opaque in two.

These colors were a great palette cleanser for me, and besides the little bits of pigment, which were only in the sample batch, these were fantastic. Easy to manage with good coverage. The price is $9 for a full sized bottle. How do you like pastels? Will you wear any for Spring? Check out the second half of the collection here.

*Sent by the maker for photography and review*

Marbles For Polish is a line created by blogger Shannon. You can check out her polish 

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