About me

Welcome to my madness! I work in the arts in a small midwestern town and blogging and nail photography are a fun way for me to meet people from all over the world and keep a color diary, so-to-speak, of my polishing activities.

My interest in nail polish began in the mid-1980s as a kid and I remember that some of my first polishes were black and blue Wet N' Wilds - wow were those edgy back then. I liked to create designs and patterns using the bottles' own brushes, back when nail art was NOT a thing. Well, I'm not sure they looked so good, but it was fun. I stopped polishing my nails when I got serious with playing music and didn't go back to it until 1997 or so when all these amazing colors started coming back on the market. My interest went fallow again in the early 2000s, then reignited in 2011 as I was looking for a hobby to enjoy that was not work-related.

My first outlet was on Flickr in 2012. I added Facebook and Instagram in 2013, and this page when I realized Facebook wasn't going to cut it as a reference tool for all my pictures.

The blog name comes out of the fact that I am finally admitting some, well, hippy-like behavior on my part. Incense and cheap beer are staples of my polishing routine!

Inspecting rocks, as one does...

My town is small but not exactly ordinary. Case in point, a random flame juggler on a summer night downtown, with guitar and plastic tub accompaniment.

 The sky out here in the Plains. It's a thing.

So is straight gin through a straw. At least with me. Classy!


  1. Determined to meet you in person some day.

  2. I miss the 80's lol and I love inspecting rocks! Great post!