Disclosure and blog info

I have been a serious polish collector for 30 years now, on and off. In the last four years I discovered indies and most posts on this blog are currently devoted to small-scale, artisan-made products. You will see a mix on this blog of products I have purchased myself and things I am sent at no charge or at a discount because the maker would like me to photograph them for their shop or review them. All products received at no charge or for the price of shipping only are disclosed as "sent by the maker [or distributor] for photography and review." I promise to always be honest about my impressions, regardless of how the items were acquired. I do not generally receive pay for any content on this blog, but if I do the post will be clearly marked as "sponsored." If you would like to use my images please contact me and I will try to help you. I always appreciate a link back to the original post or my page if you do so. I also feel that supporting other bloggers is extremely important. I maintain a blog roll of over 700 blogs and regularly check, read and comment on their posts. If you look along the right side bar, you will see a feed, in order of most recently updated posts - I hope you might find some other blogs that interest you. I also participate in blogger support groups that include comment exchanges where we regularly comment and read one another's posts. These groups help me stay in touch with my blogging colleagues and I am very grateful for their feedback, advice, and encouragement, both on our blogs and behind the scenes! It so happens that they are very good enablers as well and they are very much behind my willingness to try out things that are new and scary to me, like nail art, since they are masters at it. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!


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