Reference swatches

My first outlet for nail pictures was Flickr, beginning in March 2012. I liked Flickr because it appeared well in search engines - that was how I discovered it, Googling for polish pictures. As of right now I don't have a database for all the swatch pictures I have but I can point you to my albums for different brands. My early pics are taken with flash, though they are color accurate. As I learned more about photography and my camera, I developed the style I currently use. As you can see, I've also improved my nail and cuticle health. Every time I wash my hands, on goes the cuticle oil! Update as per November 2018: Flickr has moved to a paid model that limits my unpaid account to 1000 images. Sadly this is the end of the road for this medium for me. I have deleted all images after September 2015 on my account to keep my older images, some of which are not present on this blog. Bye bye, Flickr!

A England Polish swatches

Aliquid Lacquer swatches

Anonymous Lacquer swatches

Aurora Lacquers swatches

Avant Garde Lacquer swatches

Bear Pawlish swatches

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer swatches

Bigmouth Lacquer swatches

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics swatches

Celestial Cosmetics swatches

Coco Rae Cosmetics swatches

Dainty Digits swatches

Darling Diva Polish swatches

Dead Set Babes swatches

Elevation Polish swatches

Ellagee swatches

Enchanted Polish swatches

Enkelini swatches

Essie swatches

Ever After Polish swatches

Fae Polish swatches

Fair Maiden Polish swatches

Frenzy Polish swatches

Glam Polish swatches

GG Indie Polish swatches

Girly Bits Cosmetics swatches

Glittering Elements swatches

Grace-full Nail Polish swatches

Ice Polish swatches

L'Oreal swatches

Lavish Lacquer swatches

Lorelei Lacquer swatches

Maybelline swatches

Milani swatches

Model City Polish swatches

Nail Glam by Jove'e Co. swatches

NailNation 3000 swatches

Northern Star Polish swatches

Ooh La Lacquer swatches

Polish Luv swatches

Pretty & Polished swatches

Pretty Jelly Nail Polish swatches

Seven & Parker swatches

Seventy-Seven Nail Lacquer swatches

Smokey Mountain Lacquers swatches

Spell Polish swatches

Supernatural Lacquer swatches

The Devil Wears Polish swatches

The Polish Bar swatches

Too Fancy Lacquer swatches

Turtle Tootsie Polishes swatches

Vapid Lacquer swatches

White Owl Lacquers swatches

Zoya swatches

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