Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pretty Jelly Nail Polish swatches

Three more colors from Pretty Jelly Nail Polish here for your viewing pleasure! Check out two linear jelly holos and a strong scattered holo after the break...

Beech is an alloy orange jelly with a linear holo finish from the Fall Splendor Collection. Perfect formula, as usual for the brand. I love how flattering this is for an orange! this is shown with four very thin coats, but it needs fewer than that.

Blithe is a pale peach-pink linear holo jelly, also worn with four very thin coats, but fine with two to three thicker ones. It is so delicate and bright! I really loved this one - it is a flattering nude on my warm skin tone.

Bluebird is an ultra-strong scattered holo with a cerulean base. Wow did this one pop in all lighting conditions! This was four very thin coats, but as with the others, you could do fewer. It's just my default setting due to my odd super-thin-coat polishing technique, lol.

Every one of these was a hit for me. They were easy to use and dried fast and super-shiny. I can recommend them all! 

Pretty Jelly Nail Polish is an Illinois-based brand known for amazing holos and great formulas.
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