Monday, April 27, 2015

Marbles For Polish Sweet Tooth and Sparkling Sweet Tooth Collections, part 1

Marbles For Polish has a pair of holographic neon polish sets out, the Sweet Tooth and Sparkling Sweet Tooth Collections. Each has six shades in it, with and without gold or silver holographic glitter. Rather than review them separately, I decided to post the corresponding colors together so you can compare the glitter and non-glitter versions. (Second halves of the collections can be seen here.)The formulas were generally similar on these - they are jelly holos that can use two to four coats depending on your polishing style (I used four very thin coats). The dry time is medium and I used drying drops with them because I polish just before bed. Generally they are easy to manage with no issues. Check out the blue, purple, and yellow after the break!
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Blue Razz Slush is an azure jelly holo. This was probably my favorite from the collections!

Sparkling Blue Razz Slush is the corresponding version with silver holo glitter. 

Grape Slice is a Byzantine purple holo jelly. This one leaned cool on me. 

Sparkling Grape Slice is the version with silver holo glitter. This looked a bit more sheer to me than its counterpart with no glitter.

Lemon Drop is a chartreuse holo jelly. This one, as is often the case with neon yellows, is a bit more sheer. 

Sparkling Lemon Drop is the gold holo glitter version.

I will be back soon with the other three polishes, in orange, green, and pink! These are $10 each for a full size bottle and are available now. Second halves of the collections can be seen here

*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Marbles For Polish is a line created by blogger Shannon. You can check out her polish 

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