Thursday, July 31, 2014

Marbles For Polish flakie collection

Shannon at Marbles For Polish has just released a seven-polish collection of dense micro-flakie polishes! They all had really easy formulas and dried quickly. The finish is on the sheer side, but can be layered to opacity. Alternately, they can layered over other polishes or each other to achieve different effects. I'm a big fan of things that can be worn multiple ways!  More pictures after the jump...
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Bethany had a yellowish base that contrasted a bit with the shimmer. Blue flakes in a sheer pea green base. Four coats.

Cynthia has silver and pink flakes in a sheer tangerine shimmer base. Four coats.

Daphne was one of my favorites from the set, with duochrome blue-to-violet and violet-to-gold flakes in a sheer blue-violet base. Four coats. 

Emily was one of the more conventional polishes, with silver and pink flakes in a sheer amaranth shimmer base. Four coats.

Helena really surprised me with its strong, reflective, metallic finish.  Blue flakes in a sheer Picton blue shimmer base. Four coats.

Isis was another of the more work-safe shades. Silver and pink flakes in a sheer watermelon shimmer base. Four coats.

Jasmin was my absolute favorite in the group - I love a great indigo! Duochrome blue-to-violet and violet-to-gold flakes in a sheer indigo base. Four coats.

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 *sent by the maker for photography and review*

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  1. Beautiful! I think Daphne is my favorite! :-)

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I agree, Daphne and Jasmin were the ones I liked best.