Sunday, July 27, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics swatches

I've been wearing lots and lots of Carpe Noctem Cosmetics polishes lately, but as I'm working my way through older pics I thought I would share a few I wore at the beginning of the year, the first ones I photographed! More pictures after the jump...

Amethyst Frost was a group custom from last year. While frosts frequently get a bad name, this is the finish done right.  It is highly reflective and the brush strokes are delicate and easy to control. Linear holographic shimmer in a pale amethyst-gray frost base.  Three coats.

Bronze Ingot was a custom made for me, and I love it!  I requested jewel tone holos and let Emily surprise me with the colors. You can request this one via a custom listing if you want it. Linear holographic shimmer in a gold-bronze frost base. Three coats. 

Christmas was a gift with purchase during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale. I ordered my customs to qualify to get this beauty, too! Needless to say it was a fantastic mail day when it arrived. Linear holographic shimmer in a deep cinnabar red metallic frost base. Three coats.
Christmas Morning was a 2013 holiday polish.  It is no longer in the shop, but if you like it you may find it on the secondary market or request something similar as a custom.  Scattered holographic and silver fleck shimmer in a clear base.  Four coats.
Crystal Nightfall is another of my customs. It is like the color Tardis but with holo as well, so it would be simple to order as a custom for yourself. Scattered holographic shimmer and cool pink shimmer flecks in an electric blue frost base. Three coats.

Don't Panic is definitely one of my favorites, a dark, complex multichrome holo. This one is still in the shop. I recommend it highly! Linear holographic and multichrome lavender-to-teal color-shifting shimmer in a dark blue-gray base. Three coats.
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