Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dainty Digits Polish swatches

I first learned about Dainty Digits Polish on Instagram and liked her vibrant holo colors. She has a really nice quick-drying formula and fantastic prices. Highly recommended! Many of her holo polishes have astronomical themes, which is awesome. Check out a these six colors! More pictures after the jump...

Are You Serious?! is a sheer multichrome that can be layered to opacity. It can also be layered over another color. I purposely wore this one on a day when I knew I would be spending a lot of time in the car in order to amuse myself. Hehe. Linear holographic shimmer and multichrome lavender-to-orange color-shifting shimmer. Four coats.

Aurora Shimmer is a creme with a touch of holo. Amazingly for a pastel, this one self-leveled beautifully.  Subtle linear holographic shimmer in a cool, pale lavender base. Four coats. 

Black Hole Sparkle looks like your graphite pencil had holo sprinkled in it.  I have nothing else like this in my collection.  The effect is intense and sophisticated. Linear holographic shimmer in a metallic green-tinged charcoal base. Four coats.

Cosmic Chaos is a soft gray. Scattered holographic and very subtle blue and violet shimmer in a battleship gray base. Four coats.

Earth Angel was the polish that made me try out the brand, when I saw it on Wes of Polishmemanly IG fame.  Totally worth getting addicted, I'd say! Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer spring green jelly base. Four coats.

Galactic Blast is a top coat, but I wore it on its own. Scattered holographic shimmer in a clear base. Four coats.

Dainty Digits Polish is an American brand based in Tennessee. Find her at: 

Dainty Digits Polish social media: 


  1. Earth Angel is lovely <3

  2. Thank you so much for this awesome review!!! I'm honored!

    1. I LOVE your polishes, dear! Thanks for all the awesome!

  3. That's my Nail Tech (Memphis TN). One of the best (but the best to me) in the business!

    1. You are one lucky lady! I only get to enjoy her work via the USPS ;)