Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ooh La Lacquer swatches

Ooh La Lacquer is a brand I have been collecting since 2012.  Some of the swatches here are of oldies but most are still available. Can't say enough good things about the formula or finish of this line. Also, the fact that she does the matte microglitters and holos that I love ensure that I will keep coming back for more. More pictures after the jump...

Beware The Plastics came out at the height of the trend for matte microglitters in 2012, and it is still one of the best ones in my opinion. Green-yellow, aqua, and crimson microglitters in a clear base. Four coats.

CompliMINT is no longer available, but has been replaced with a linear holographic version. This was one of the very first holos from the brand. Scattered holographic shimmer in a pale mint green base. Four coats.

Fluke came out in 2013 and was bit of an accident. Well, in my book it wasn't!  Since then Nastassia, the maker, has released several more polishes that did not turn out as she expected and are called flukes, but I find each of them perfect anyway. Linear and scattered holographic shimmer in a China pink base. Three coats.

Glen Cocoa is a rare taupe holo. The color is soft and neutral.  Extremely sophisticated and pretty. Linear and scattered holographic shimmer in a taupe base. Four coats.

Heavy Metal Lover is a dark jelly holo, and I really do love it. I can totally see the heavy metal dudes from my high school wearing this! Linear and scattered holographic shimmer in a translucent charcoal jelly base. Four coats.

HollaMATTE Girl is another matte microglitter melange.  This can be worn as a topcoat or on its own as I show it here. Gold, blue, and plum matte microglitters in a clear base. Four coats.

Ooh La Lacquer is made in Los Angeles. Find her at: 

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