Monday, July 21, 2014

Dead Set Babes neon holos!

Dead Set Babes released a set of neon holos last summer, way before the current trend for them kicked off. It was my first purchase from the brand and I love them. The good news is that they are going to be re-released for a limited time in the near future! More pictures after the jump...

DJ J.E.M is a jelly finish linear holo. Fantastic formula! Linear holographic shimmer in a vibrant green-tinged blue jelly base. Four coats.

J-Bomb is a creme-based green holo. It is a more subtle holo, but again, great formula. Bella told me that the new release will be slightly different than this version. Linear holographic shimmer in a kelly green base. Four coats.

Mamacita is a knock-your-socks-off orange with subtle holo. Wow do I love this. This pigment is no longer available so the new version will be a little different. Subtle linear holographic shimmer in a safety cone orange base. Four coats.

Marls also has a bright creme bright base and will be a bit different in the new version.  Subtle linear holographic shimmer in a royal purple base.  Four coats.

Six Inch Heel is a stunning pink neon creme holo with great formula. Love this one, it is also a really popular picture on my Dead Set Babes Flickr album! Subtle linear holographic shimmer in a hot pink base. Four coats.

Stephanya Bananya is a yellow jelly holo. This one is great - it doesn't lean green and is pretty wearable as yellows go. Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer highlighter yellow jelly base. Four coats.

Twitta, Please is a red jelly holo.  One of the ones I like best in this group, it is a stunner.  Linear holographic shimmer in a crimson jelly base.  Four coats.

Dead Set Babes is an Australian indie brand. You can find her at: 

Dead Set Babes social media: 
Facebook fan group,Dead Set Babes Babeapalooza: https://www.facebook.com/groups/724543527603448/

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