Sunday, July 20, 2014

Too Fancy Lacquer swatches

One day in a Facebook nail group I asked whether anyone had decided to make their own polish after struggling to catch a popular indie in a restock. Charlene piped up and said she had! I had spotted her polishes on etsy and had just not placed an order yet, but decided I wanted them all. It has been a blast watching her brand grow and develop and I still buy them all when I can! Here are some pictures of Too Fancy Lacquer polishes both newer and older. More pictures after the jump...

A Currant Affair was a polish from TFL's Viola Trio last fall.  It is super-opaque and super-holo with a perfect formula.  Linear holographic shimmer in a currant-plum base.  Two coats.

This is the first version of Aphrodite, one of Charlene's first colors.  It is a shiny, dark polish with scattered holo.  It has her old base, which has a different, stronger scent from her newer polishes. Scattered holographic shimmer in a black-plum base.  Three coats.

Here is the new version of Aphrodite, which is an ultra-holo. Due to the increased amount of shimmer, it appears lighter than the old one. This one is so amazingly holo it glows even in low light! Linear holographic shimmer in a dark plum base. Three coats.

A Pretty Mistake was an early "oops" polish that was sold for a discounted rate. It is lovely, but Charlene spotted some pigment flecks in it  she didn't like. I had no problems with it at all. It was made with the old base. Scattered holographic shimmer and magenta and blue flakes in a pink-magenta base. Three coats.

Bauhinia Garden was an early limited edition.  It is not a holo but rather a gorgeous flakie. Scattered holographic shimmer and magenta and blue flakes in a pink-magenta base.  Three coats.

Bejeweled is a vibrant blue holo that was part of the Bluemuda Trio. I hope Charlene makes more of these color trios - they are fantastic! This one has a perfect formula and I love it! Linear holographic shimmer in a vibrant green-tinged blue base. Three coats.

This is a brand based out of Hong Kong. 

Check her out at: http://www.toofancylacquer.com/ 

Also available at Color4Nails: http://color4nails.com/

Meimei's Signatures: http://meimeisignatures.com/

Pshiiit Boutique: http://pshiiit-boutique.com/
and Rainbow Connection UK: http://rainbow-connection.co.uk/

Too Fancy Lacquer social media:

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