Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bear Pawlish swatches

Bear Pawlish is one of the most amazing brands I have tried - Tennessee, the maker, keeps coming up with such amazing ideas, and I am way behind on photographing them, but I'll share the six that I have done so far! More pictures after the jump...

Allspice is a brown holo that is no longer available, but you might be able to request something similar in the shop as a custom. Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer, cool brown base.  Four coats.

Animism was one of the brand's early colors, a slight duochrome shimmer/frost. Camel shimmer with duochrome pale green to pale pink highlights.  Four coats.

April Showers is an amazing blue shimmer/frost with touch of duochrome to it. Check out the macro for a taste of its color shift! Color-shifting spring green-to-pink duochrome shimmer in an azure base. Four coats.

Aqua-Lity Buncha Broads was a group custom.  Wow, do I feel lucky to have this one!  It is super-glowy. Have I mentioned that Bear Pawlish makes great customs?  LOL! Linear holographic shimmer in a translucent aqua-green jelly base. Four coats.

Bathory was another early color from the brand and unfortunately it has been discontinued.  However, it's replacement, She's A Fish Killer is equally divine, and a little cooler-toned.  Yes, this is my profile pic. I love it that much! Linear holographic shimmer in a translucent candy apple red jelly base. Three coats.

Callie's Lustful Orchid was originally made for one of the brand's most dedicated customers, and luckily it is available in the shop for the rest of us.  Perfect formula, as all of the polishes have. Linear holographic shimmer in a lavender-orchid base. Four coats.

Bear Pawlish is a California-based indie brand. Find her at: 

Bear Pawlish social media: 
Facebook company page: https://www.facebook.com/BearPawlish

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