Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Polish Luv swatches

Polish Luv is a fantastic newer brand you can find on Storenvy. She is also a blogger!  I am telling you, these are some of my very favorite indies.  There are beautiful holos and multichromes, two of the finishes I love best.  She has a similar taste to mine when I make my own hobby polishes, but just does them better, lol. The formula on all of them are on the thicker side, but I had no problems at all and they self-leveled. The wear was excellent.  Let's have a look at some colors, more after the jump...

Blue Raspberry is a stunning light blue and has a slight, peek-a-boo color shift to it.  I really like polishes that have something extra to them like this one. Linear holographic and color-shifting blue-violet to orange multichrome shimmer in a queen blue base. Three coats.

Blueberry Delight checks off SO many boxes for me: holo, multichrome, indigo, jelly. This is a hit in my book. Scattered holographic and color-shifting violet-to-orange multichrome shimmer in a translucent indigo jelly base. Four coats.

Caterpillar is at once creamy and super-linear. It is a nice bright shade. Linear holographic shimmer in a grass green base. Four coats.

Creamy Rainbow has a mysterious quality to it. It reminds me of the base color of Chanel Paradoxical, but with multichrome rather than purple shimmer. Color-shifting violet-to-orange multichrome shimmer in a dark gray base. Three coats.

Lemonade is quite close in color to Enchanted Polish Yellow Submarine but a bit brighter. I have both and prefer this shade. Linear holographic shimmer in a lemon yellow base. Four coats.

Leprechaun is a softer green than Caterpillar. Linear holographic shimmer in a medium pastel green base. Four coats.

Polish Luv is based in West Virginia. Find her at: 

Polish Luv social media: 


  1. I love Caterpillar! Such a pretty green! You can never go wrong with a good holo.

  2. Ooh these are all beautiful. Blueberry Delight is amazing!