Saturday, August 16, 2014

Special Feature: Blog Roll!

I am obviously a huge fan of nail blogs and I read literally hundreds of them!  It has been over six years since I discovered nail-specific blogs and I am just floored at how high the standard has become for photography and design. Over the last couple weeks I have been scouring the interwebs for some of the best ones for my blog roll. It now has over six hundred, including many different nationalities, languages, skin tones, and styles. There are indie, luxury, nail art, and drugstore-focused blogs. Some are photo-driven, others tell wonderful stories. Many, many times I have found amazing new blogs to read in the blog rolls of others, and I encourage you to take a look - you might just find a few new favorites! You can find it on the right sidebar of the blog, below the social media links.


  1. I'm in your blog roll. I don't know why, because my photos are not so perfect, and I use an horrible english, but I want to tell you thank you. ♥Have a nice day

  2. I just realized I'm on your blog roll! Thank you so much! I really have to get one of those started! Did you use a plug in to get yours there?

    1. I see you are also using Blogger! What you do is go to the Layout tab link in your Blogger dashboard (this appears third from bottom on the left side) and click "Add a Gadget." There is a gadget on the first page of offerings called "Blog List." Add that gadget to the spot in the layout you chose (at the bottom is best, because then it is not bumping your other things if it becomes long). You copy the URL of the blogs you wish to add into that gadget from then on. Most Blogger blogs will feed alright, though sometimes if there have been no posts for a few days it goes dead and drops to the bottom of the list. If the blog is not on blogger and has a custom site you may have to search for the feed url. You can look for this symbol (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS) or look at the source code for the site and search for a url with "rss" in it.