Monday, August 25, 2014

Marbles For Polish Seven Deadly Sins Collection

Ah, the Seven Deadly Sins Collection by Marbles For Polish is one close to my heart... Not that I make it a point of over-indulging in sins, but I am a huge fan of Dante's Inferno, which is where I learned of the various punishments in store for medieval sinners. And in my dorm freshman year, we did Deadly Sin-O-Meters, which were pie-charts graphing the proportion of sinfulness in each of us. Mine was easy, just divided down the middle into Wrath and Sloth. LMAO. I've calmed down a bit since then, but yeah, Sloth... And yes I was in the intellectual nerd dorm, natch! In general, the formulas on these dried quickly and were easy to work with. Check out the details after the break...

Anger, aka. Wrath, reads as a bit of a resentful slow burn sin in this version, since it is on the brown side. It is a lovely fall shade. Green-gold shimmer flecks in a brick-red shimmer base. Four coats.

Envy had a lot more going on than I expected, with some color-shifting. A bit like the real deal, right? Color-shifting gold-to-blue shimmer flecks in a duochrome mantis green to teal shimmer base. Four coats. 

Gluttony is a texture-finish polish. Fitting, as if you were gulping down your meal whole. Orange glitter and multi-colored shimmer in a tangerine frost base. Three coats. 

Greed of course references gold. This is an amazing polish in person, the gold from the shard glitters really catches the light. Scattered holographic shimmer and gold shard glitter in a canary yellow frost base. Three coats. 

Lust is definitely my favorite from the collection. Not only is the formula especially lovely, but it is a scattered holo that catches the light really nicely. It is a bit surprising to see lust interpreted as a dark blue, however you could definitely say it smolders. Scattered holographic shimmer in a blue-black shimmer base. Three coats.

Pride is another polish that has a lot going on, including flakies and some duochrome. Purple was a color associated with royalty, so I can see where that comes to represent this sin. After all, when my parents really wanted to shame me for selfish behavior as a kid, they called me a princess. Not a compliment!  LOL Color-shifting blue-to-violet duochrome microglitter and pale green-to-teal duochrome shimmer flecks in a sheer lavender indigo shimmer base. Four coats. 

Sloth is my second-favorite from the collection. It is my own dominant sin, I would say!  I love the vibrant blue of this - it is so bright in person. There are some flakies that hide a bit but are a neat, subtle touch. Clear and color-shifting blue-to-violet duochrome shimmer flecks in a sky blue base. Three coats. 

You can snag this at the Marbles For Polish etsy store. A full-sized 15ml bottle is $9.00 and a 5ml mini is $4.50. You can also pick up the whole set in minis for $30.00. This was the option I chose when I bought them.
Marbles For Polish is a line created by blogger Shannon. You can check out her polish and her blog here:
Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MarblesForPolish

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