Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pretty Bitch Polish swatches

Pretty Bitch Polish launched last year and I was on board for the very first pre-order. Jac, the maker, is a model and professional writer. She even poses herself for some of the brand's collection campaigns! Pretty Bitch's base is custom-blended to Jac's specifications and reminds me of old school nail polish in terms of the scent and application, but is completely five-free. Many of the polish names are NSFW, and are a totally tongue-in-cheek poke at naughty language. Let's just say they can inspire some pretty humorous conversations. Let's have a look after the jump...

I was all confused one day when I rediscovered this polish in my stash. It is called 2013 and I didn't have record of ordering it. Well, I was one of the top customers in 2013 so I got this as a special gift on one of my holiday collection orders. So it was a gift twice over, right? Unlike many glitter polishes, this one has a thin, manageable base, yet has no problem with suspension of the glitters. Awesome! White, red, green, gold, and holographic gold square, bar, and hex multi-sized glitter in a clear base. Four coats.

Amazeballs is an interesting but work-safe shade. It reminds me of Illamasqua Bacterium but with hint of green rather than blue. It also has some scattered holo. This one is a slow dryer, so I recommend thin coats with time in between, a quick-dry top coat, and drying drops. Scattered holographic and color-shifting light green to teal duochrome  shimmer in a chamoisee frost base. Four coats.

Attention Whore is just stunning! I mentioned on Facebook that if Jessica Rabbit's dress was a polish, it would look like this. Jac's fiancé, Zach, responded with a pic of Jac posing as Jessica for a photoshoot! Sure enough, the color was identical. lol. Scattered holographic shimmer in a cherry red foil base. Four coats.

Back That Ass Up was released last fall and was subsequently just re-released with linear rather than scattered holo. Of course I had to pick up the new version, too. Scattered holographic shimmer in a light greenish blue shimmer base. Four coats.

Blow Job is an amazing, delicate blue polish. It is a frost, but the brush strokes are delicate and easy to control. It just glows. This dries slowly, so I recommend thin coats, a quick-dry top coat, and drying drops. Scattered holographic shimmer in an Italian sky blue frost base with pale gold highlights. Four coats.

Blue Balls was a limited edition collaboration with another brand, Avant Garde Lacquer (which is no longer in business). I found this on the secondary market - you might be able to find it on someone's Storenvy destash if you like it. Sparse scattered holographic shimmer in a sheer Jordy blue frost base. Four coats.

Pretty Bitch Polish holographic polishes retail for $15, cremes and glitters retail for $10.

Pretty Bitch Polish is a Pennsylvania-based brand by the multitalented Jac who not only makes the polish but is the model behind the witty collection campaigns! The ribald humor of the polish names will make your inner twelve-year-old giggle. 

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