Friday, August 8, 2014

Colors By Llarowe swatches

Last summer when Leah Ann Llarowe debuted her Colors By Llarowe line I knew I had buy them. As a polish retailer for several years already, she had seen quite a bit of what was on the market. I had also picked up a franken of hers on a blog sale that was absolutely amazing. I may have skipped a few glitter toppers, but for the most part, I've got the whole line. Yikes, that means I should start photographing them, right? Well, here are six from various releases. Aren't they lovely? All of them have perfect formulas, I might add. More pictures after the jump...

All Bidness came out with the Redneck Woman Collection in Fall 2013. It is named after her mother's Texan pronunciation of oil business. And that's a big deal down in those parts! This is a rich, pigmented black linear holo with gold flakes. While numerous brands are making flakie holos now, back when these released it was a rarity. This one is an success in my book! Linear holographic shimmer and gold flakes in a black base.Three coats.

Angels Sing is a white holo jelly that came out with the Missing You Collection in Summer 2013. This collection in honor of Leah Ann's parents, who have passed away. While it is no longer around, Leah Ann occasionally re-releases oldies, so who knows? This is opaque in three to four coats, but can be a gorgeous French mani sheer in one to two. Scattered holographic shimmer in a white jelly base. Four coats.

Army Of One was released in Winter 2013. It is a mega-holo in a soft, muted green. Linear holographic shimmer in a dark celadon green base. Three coats.

Bad was part of the Tribute To Michael Jackson Collection of Summer 2013. Guess what? It's coming back this month, along with a few new colors. Yay! I feel like this was the sleeper hit of the collection. No one sang its praises, but a few folks told me when I first shared these pictures that they would have bought it if they could have seen how duochrome it really was. Well, don't miss it next time if you like blues or duochromes. I'm giving you two macros below. The one with the nail at an angle shows both perpendicular light (bounced off my camera lens) and grazing light so you can see both colors at the same time. The color-shifting is readily visible. Magenta micro-flakes and color-shifting violet-to-teal duochrome shimmer in a gray-indigo base. Three coats.

Bea Stings! is from the Spring Frenzy 2014 Collection. And a frenzy it was, with more than thirty new colors hitting the lineup. This was one of the tributes to Leah Ann's staff, in this case Bea of Honey Jr., a blogger who doubles as the Colors By Llarowe media maven. While I am not normally a big glitter fan, I do enjoy microglitters, especially if there is holo involved. This one has a neat contrast between the cool red base and warm glitter. You can really see it in the macro. It's also super-opaque. Scattered holographic shimmer and red microglitter in a cherry red base. Two coats.

Finally, I have Beam Me Up Scotty, which released last fall. It is another microglitter in a holo base, also quite opaque. Scattered holographic shimmer and green and blue microglitter in a pale aqua blue base. Two coats. 

Colors By Llarowe is the Colorado-made brand by retailer Llarowe. 
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  1. Beautiful polishes, and your photos are lovely! :)

  2. Aw! Thanks so much! These certainly are pretty polishes.

  3. I think Army of One is my favourite here, but honestly, they're all beautiful.

    1. I love ulta-holos like this. Of this batch my personal favorite is probably All Bidness, but it's soooo hard to chose :D

  4. CbL's holos are just amazing. I have only two but they are perfect all-around!

    1. I've definitely gotten into the habit of collecting them all!