Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Press release: Essie Serene Slate Collection

Essie Serene Slate Collection

Essie Serene Slate Collection
find your inner om
with the new essie serene slate collection
Power down the screen-age dream and charge your chakra with the Essie Serene Slate Collection. This new range of nine soothing hues gives you an excuse to disconnect from tech and reconnect with
mindful mani moments!
In a digital age of swiping and scrolling, get ready to say goodbye to the screen and namaste to your new mani mantra with Essie’s Serene Sate Collection. This series of nirvana neutrals suit any skin tone, with an assortment of shades ranging from calming creams to charged-up, chalky-grays.
So hit the brakes on technology as Essie introduces the new generation of zen for your fingertips. With endless possibilities and unexpected color options, Essie’s Serene Slate Collection will set your mind and mani at ease.
This season it’s time to press pause and put the world on mute. When you understand that wire-less is more, you are able to be present in the moment and unwind. With mind-full meditation as the name of the game, it’s time to fully commit to being generation zen. Take time to cause & reflect – a mental recharge is good for the soul when it’s all toned down. so, as you go gadget-freeindulge in our serene slate collection for those mindful mani moments.
Essie Serene Slate Collection retails at $9 per bottle and will be available starting January 2019 at essie.com, fine salons and beauty destinations nationwide.

Essie Press Pause - a light gray with a cloudy blue tint
Essie Press Pause

Essie Toned Down  - a subdued steel gray cream with smoky cobalt undertones
 Essie Toned Down
Essie Serene Slate - a stone-nickel gray
Essie Serene Slate
Essie Gadget Free - a gunmetal gray with a metallic sheen
Essie Gadget Free
Essie Generation Zen - a mauve taupe gray
Essie Generation Zen
Essie On Mute - a hushed charcoal gray

Essie On Mute
Essie Mind-full Meditation - an apricot beige-nude

Essie Mind-full Meditation
Essie Wire-less Is More - a dusky rose quartz-pink

Essie Wire-less Is More
Essie Cause & Reflect - an indigo blue pearlized to silver perfection

Essie Cause & Reflect

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