Friday, September 26, 2014

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer cremes and shimmers

I've received word from Dave, the maker of Octopus Party Nail Lacquer, that he will be refreshing the store offering and discontinuing all the old polishes. I thought you might like to see a few of the cremes and shimmers in case you want to pick them up before they drift off into the sea!  Check them out after the break...

Baptism is a bright white cream that leans to the warm side. Now, I might be the wrong person to review a white cream for a variety of reasons. One, is that when I wear it I get the overwhelming urge to file my nails square, tease my hair, and get some gum to smack. Oh, the 1980s and 90s!  Haha. Such memories, so wow. I'm not a believer in a "one-coat white" as I use really thin coats and have highly pigmented nail beds. So this one could cover in two thicker coats, but I used four really thin ones. As you can see, the coverage and control is beautiful.

Ink Or Swim is a deep teal jelly polish. I used four coats and loved it that way. It could also be used in nail art for lead lighting or pond manicures (where you stamp in white between layers of jelly). I haven't stamped yet, but if I do it will be to put ponds on my nails. This one was great in the sun, it really gave the effect of the ocean and brought back memories of sailing in Long Island Sound in the summers.

Laguna Bleach is a blue-tinged white that doesn't give me nearly the inappropriate fashion urges that Baptism does. This one covers even better than Baptism and I used three coats here.

Sadly, Mint Me At Midnight is already gone, but I'm including it anyway as you might spot it in someone's destash sale. It is a pastel green frost with a silver sheen. I used three really thin coats, which is normal for me. Great formula.

Shore Fire is a terracotta with color-shifting multichrome blue-to-magenta shimmer highlights.  The shimmer is noticeable and sparkly in person. I recommend thin coats with this one to prevent bubbling due to the pigments used. I wore this with three coats.

Each of these polishes retails for $10.

OPNL is made by Dave in Connecticut.  The hard-partying octopus is his avatar. 

Check out his store at: 

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