Sunday, September 28, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics swatches

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics is a brand I have been collecting from the very beginning, so I have a lot of Emily's polishes, both active and discontinued. I was going back through older pics and wanted to share these, even though a few have already sold out from the store. The good news is that one is a core, a couple more are still on clearance, and best of all, Emily does fantastic customs. If you see something here you like, she may still be able to make it or produce something similar, just for you! Check them out after the break.

Autumn Amber was part of the Autumnal Secrets Collection, 2013, and has already been discontinued, sadly. But I'm sure that this year's fall offerings will be even more stunning. This is an amber foil, shown in four thin coats.

Calypso is part of the permanent lineup, and thank goodness for that! It has a slight duochrome effect that you can see on the macro shot. Scattered holographic shimmer in a periwinkle shimmer base with duochrome lavender pink to taupe color-shifting highlights. Four thin coats.

Cinnamocha is currently in the clearance bin, so I recommend picking this up right away if you like it. Mocha brown frost with a red shimmer that adds a nice something extra. Three thin coats.

Creeping Ivy was another polish from the Autumnal Secrets Collection in 2013. It is a duochrome British racing green-to-teal color-shifting frost. Three thin coats. 

Diva D In Diamonds is one of my favorite polishes from the brand, but its day has come and it is also being cleared out at the moment. There is a lot going on in this one and it is a jelly, one of my favorite finishes! The formula is particularly great on this one. Scattered holographic shimmer and color-shifting blue-to-indigo duochrome flakes in a translucent, bright cerulean blue jelly base.  Four thin coats.

Divination was from the Samhain Collection, Halloween 2013. It just glows and has a strong color shift visible in almost all light. This one is sold out. Multichrome pink-to-green color-shifting shimmer in a mango metallic frost base. Three thin coats.

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