Sunday, September 21, 2014

Glitzkrieg War Paint Trick Or Treat Collection

Emily from Glitzkrieg War Paint has just released her fall lines and I've got four of them here today from the Trick Or Treat Collection. This is a quartet of polishes with the same glitter mix and different shades of sheer jelly base. This is a neat idea, as it lets you pick and chose the combo you like best, or all of them. I can tell you I would have gone nuts for this collection as a kid. Too bad we didn't have these kinds of polishes then! Check out more after the break...
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Since this is a theme and variations collection with pretty much identical formulas, I'll make some general notes in the beginning. The glitters included in this collection are purple metallic microbars, matte pea green hexes, matte black skull and crossbones, and large orange holographic circles. Personally I love these!  I am not much of a glitter person generally, but the combo here is so effective at evoking Halloween for me. It would only be more perfect if one could get glitters that were a silhouette of a witch on a broom. The orange circles shift to a green color and remind me of harvest moons. I know a lot of people get itchy when they see bar glitter, but can you think of a more perfect use for it? It looks like little broomsticks or spider legs to me. This is a wonderful effect in some polishes designed for the creepy season. Overall the formula was great. I recommend putting the bottles upside down for a bit before using because the skull and crossbones and circle glitters are quite large and it will help you catch them on your brush. I had to do a little bit of fishing for them but it wasn't too bad. They are pretty much easy nail-art-in-a-bottle.

Ghostie has a black jelly base. Shown here with four coats.

Ghoulie has an android/pea green jelly base. Shown here with three coats.

Jack-O-Lantern has a pumpkin orange jelly base. Shown here with four coats.

Zombie Blood has a Byzantine purple jelly base. Shown here with four coats.

These polishes are available in the Etsy shop right now and retail for $8.50 each. My inner elementary school kid is begging you to pick up a few for the little ones in your life (and yourself) since the 1980s didn't provide anything like this awesomeness for me.

*sent by the maker for photography and review*

This is a new nail polish, makeup, and skin-care brand from Emily in New York. Her Holo-Back Girl line features luscious jelly-finish holos. Her Frankenlaquer's Monster Crazy Glitter Franken series features concentrated microglitter in sheer bases. 

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  1. Thanks so much!!! The pics are beautiful, as usual!

    1. Thank you! I always love featuring your creations. <3