Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Glitzkrieg War Paint Holo-Back Girl swatches

Glitzkrieg War Paint is a new indie with a dazzling array of holos in her Holo-Back Girl Intense Holographic Nail Polish. Many of the polishes are jelly finish, meaning they are sheer and translucent. They are meant to be layered to opacity and have a wonderful glow as the light bounces all the way through the polish and the color reflects back from the holo. Other in the line are holo shimmers and are more opaque. Overall, the formula is easy to control but quite thick. Here I have three of each for you. All of them retail for $7 each, so they are quite the deal! Check them out after the break...

*three polishes sent by maker for photography and three purchased*

Andie is a jelly holo that hovers between green and blue. It is thick, as are most of the brand's polishes, but self-levels and dries quickly. Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer emerald green jelly base. Four coats.

Atlantic Blue was named for its distinctive rich blue shade. It is a shimmer holo with a good formula and lots of glow. If you missed Enchanted Polish Presto Magic you might like this one. Linear holographic shimmer in an Atlantic blue shimmer base. Three coats.

Beretta is a black jelly holo with tooooons of rainbow to it. See all the colors in the arc below? That is not a photographic illusion, they are readily apparent in real life. Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer black jelly base. Four coats.

Bitches Be Trippin' is a warm purple shimmer holo. I recommend thin coats on this one for an even, bubble-free finish, as it is fairly thick. The name makes me 1) think of all the social media nail-related shenanigans; 2) giggle. Linear holographic shimmer in a plum-violet metallic shimmer base. Three coats.

 is another jelly holo in a ravishing purple. Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer Mardi Gras purple jelly base. Four coats.

Champale is a really distinctive pale gold shimmer holo. The base is super-reflective so it just glows, but the holo is also not covered up.  It dries to a satin finish. Again, thin, careful coats are recommended. Linear holographic shimmer in a pale gold metallic frost base. Three coats.

*three polishes sent by maker for photography and three purchased*

This is a new nail polish, makeup, and skin-care brand from Emily in New York. Her Holo-Back Girl line features luscious jelly-finish holos. Her Frankenlacquer's Monster Crazy Glitter Franken series features concentrated microglitter in sheer bases. 

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