Monday, September 15, 2014

Glittering Elements swatches

Today I have more swatches of last year's Glittering Elements polishes. Some of these are still around, others are discontinued, but you still might find them around, so I will share anyway! Check them out after the break...

Choc-O-Block was from my very first GE order and is still one of my favorites from the brand. It is super-holo and luscious with a great formula. Linear holographic shimmer in a cool, pink-tinged brown metallic base. Four coats.

Countess was a limited edition vampy polish. Again, wonderful formula and sophisticated color. Linear holographic shimmer in a very dark plum-black base. Three coats.

Crystal Ball was a little different than most of Casey's holo polishes, with a scattered finish. While I generally prefer linear holos, this was a delightful creation. Scattered holographic shimmer in a translucent dark eggplant purple jelly base. Four coats.

Desert Beauty has been revamped, but the original was in one of my first orders. This polish was unique at the time it came out with duochrome flakes and holo. Subtle linear holographic shimmer and brown-red-to-pink color-shifting shimmer flecks in a clear base. Four coats.

Doppelgänger is from the Vampire Diaries Trio. This one is very close to the Enchanted Polish Right Place Right Time  polish Once Upon A Time but it came out before the EP which is a bit funny given its name! Scattered holographic shimmer and white shimmer flecks in a light cool gray base.  Four coats.

Finally, I have Dragons Blood, which is another vampy purple, but this time with gold flecks that really make the holo stand it. It is truly amazing!  Linear holographic shimmer and greenish-gold shimmer flecks in a very dark wine-purple base. Three coats.

While some of these are discontinued or revamped, I suggest keeping your eye on Storenvy for second-hand bottles, or contacting the maker, who also is a whiz at custom polishes! 

Glittering Elements is an Australian brand. Find her at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlitteringElements
And Anjo Beauty: http://www.anjo-beauty.com/

Glittering Elements social media: 


  1. I've never heard of this brand. Countess is gorgeous! It's almost black but the plum shows through. Love polishes like that.

    1. I've been buying from Glittering Elements since last summer and love the brand. The vampy holos and shimmers are just fantastic. She also does customs and semi-customs, where you buy three polishes and give a general idea of the colors you like and she does the rest. It's really cool!