Saturday, August 22, 2015

Vapid Lacquer The Element of Neon Collection, part 2

Three more Element of Neon Collection polishes by Vapid Lacquer coming your way! These just restocked today and have to say they are excellent choices if you are in the market for some holo neons with good formula. If you missed it, part 1 can be viewed here, and part 3 here
*purchased with a blogger discount*

Fractional Distillation is a method of separating mixtures into their component parts via different boiling points. The polish itself is a scattered neon blue holo with a lovely, quick drying formula. It is shown here in three thin coats (two are enough) with top coat for shine.

Gas Lazers!! is a neon orange scattered holo with a similar formula, and even slightly more opaque. I had a couple of tiny pigment dots with this but they completely disappeared with top coat and were not very visible to begin with. Neon and helium can both be used to create a strong red/orange laser, much like the color of this polish!

Melting Point 248.67°C is a neon magenta scattered holo, also opaque in two to three thin coats and shown here with top coat. The name refers to the melting point of neon at -248.67°C.

I love how bright these look together! Again, these are a nice choice for a variety of neon colors and they all dry really quickly and are easy to handle. What do you think of this selection? If you missed part 1 of this review, you can find it here and part 3 here.

 *purchased with a blogger discount*

Vapid is made by Krys in Texas, and features polishes in a variety of finishes along with nail and skin care products!

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