Friday, August 28, 2015

Ever After Polish LE Back to School Duo! Swatches and Review

Ever After Polish has a new LE Back to School Duo for sale now, and I've got to say, this might be one of their best releases yet. Well, I'm biased because I love vampy darks, holo, and flakes. This set has all of the boxes checked. Let's check them out after the break...
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Jungle Juice is amazing. That is all. Just kidding, I'll review it and dissect it's complex elements! It has mixed Nfu Oh style duochromes flakes along with bronze microflakes in a warm plum jelly base. It is opaque in two to four thin coats. The formula is excellent, easy to control, dries quickly, and is shiny. I love the depth on this! It sells for $10.50 on its own.

Spiced Hot Chocolate features red-brown and turquoise microflakes and scattered holo in a bole brown base, opaque in two-to-three thin coats. Again, perfect formula, and the level of sparkle and bling cannot be overstated! It sells for $11.00.

The duo together is priced at a discounted $20 and I recommend that option if you are in search of fall shades - these are A-plus quality! There is a single listing for both with a dropdown here. How are you guys feeling about fall and fall colors? Are you ready? I have to say I always am because I love some dark, rich shades!

*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Ever After Polish is made by friends Rachel and Miranda in Ohio. Their new line has something for lovers of all different finishes, with quick dry times and easy formulas.

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