Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vapid Lacquer Fall 2014 Collection selections

Vapid Lacquer's Fall 2014 Collection featured some beautiful shimmers and holos. Lovers of vampy shades and browns, rejoice, there are some great options for you here! Check them out after the break...

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Blackened Amethyst is one of those colors that could easily become a classic for the brand. It has a great, super-opaque formula and no issues at all. The shimmer really makes it glow. If you haven't tried the brand before and are looking for a polish to begin with, this is a great choice. Linear holographic shimmer in a Tyrian purple shimmer base. Three thin coats. 

Buttercreme Moonbeams is a subtle light neutral - pretty classic. The holo in this is apparent in real life, but blends a bit with the light base for a nice work-safe polish. The dry time is slower than average for the brand, so I recommend thin coats and a quick-dry topcoat. Scattered holographic shimmer in light buttercream yellow base. Four thin coats.

Embers is a another glowing vampy shade. I am passionate about my jelly polishes and this is definitely a successful one. Highly recommended for both the formula and effect. Gold shimmer flecks in a translucent barn red jelly base. Three thin coats.

I Spike My Coffee is another subtle, unique neutral shade. The shimmer in it is not showy like Embers but delicate with a little kick. Color-shifting pink-to-gold duochrome shimmer flecks in a sunray tan base. Four thin coats.

Majik Brownies is a wonderful, unique shade. The warm micro-flakes along with the cool, brown base makes it stand out in my collection - be sure to check out the macro below to see what I mean. Scattered holographic shimmer and orange-red shimmer flecks in a field drab base. Three thin coats.

Overall, this is a spectacular collection and includes some really stand-out shades. I've been a customer of Vapid Lacquer since her days on Etsy and have been continually impressed by the creativity and ease-of-use the brand brings to the table. 

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Vapid is made by Krys in Texas, and features polishes in a variety of finishes along with nail and skin care products!

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