Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ever After Polish Winter Wonderland Collections creme, shimmer, and holo

Check out part 2 of the Ever After Polish Winter Wonderland Collection! This includes the creme, holo, and shimmer shades. What a bright and cheery set of polishes for the dark days of winter. Check them out after the break, and don't miss the sale info at the bottom of the post!
*sent by the makers for photography and review*

29 is a hot pink holo to celebrate the 29th birthday of one of the makers on November 29. Happy birthday, Rachel! This one dries quickly to a matte finish and I am wearing it here in three thin coats with top coat. My sample bottle had a few pigment chunks in it, but this is being fixed for the release polishes. Update: I took these pics a while ago when the package arrived and when I re-checked the polish today the pigments had blended in! I am more than happy to wear neon brights in the winter as it cheers me up.

Bumble, is a holo with an icy white-blue, shimmery base. It handles nicely and dries quickly. I am wearing it here with four ultra-thin coats and a top coat.

Frozen is probably my favorite of this group as I adore scattered jelly holos with a passion. This is peacocky blue, worn with four thin coats. There is a bit of nail line visible, but that is part of it being a squishy jelly. You could also use this as a blue-tinted topper or for layering, as in a pond mani.

Heat Miser is another polish named for a character in the 1970s Christmas special, A Year Without a Santa Claus. This is a vibrant, gold shimmer/frost that just glows. It can be used for layering or on its own and I am wearing it with four thin coats and top coat.

Holly Holiday is an super-bright orange-leaning red. I'm a huge red polish fan and this one put a smile on my face! There were a few tiny bits of pigment in my sample bottle, but this will be fixed for the main release. Update: I had taken these pics when the polish first arrived and when I re-checked it today the pigments had blended in! It dries somewhat matte, so I topcoated it for extra sparkle.

Ever After Polish is also running some holiday sale specials. Code FRIDAYFUN20 will get you 20% off starting at the time of the launch,11/29 at 12AM EST, plus a free mystery polish with purchase of three other polishes. Saturday through Monday you can take 15% off with code STOCKINGSTUFF. Check out my earlier post of the glitter polishes in the collection
*sent by the makers for photography and review*

Ever After Polish is made by friends Rachel and Miranda in Ohio. Their new line has something for lovers of all different finishes, with quick dry times and easy formulas.


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