Saturday, November 22, 2014

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Death + Taxes

Octopus Part Nail Lacquer Death + Taxes is a special edition polish launching on 11/30 at 1PM EST. Dave, the maker, and I have joked about our inevitable dread of accounting and taxes, so perhaps we fear Big Brother more that death itself. Since both are unavoidable, one might as well go out in style with holo on your tips, right? This version of death and taxes comes with a bonus, however, in the form of two nail jewels from Daily Charme, a triple spike and a skull. Check out more details after the break...

 Death + Taxes is a deep gray, jelly holo with strong gold metallic shimmer and magenta micro flakes. It has a fantastic, quick-drying formula, as per usual with the brand.

It comes with two Daily Charme nail jewels, which I chose to pair together to look like my skull was wearing a thorny crown. I wore the polish alone for one day, then applied a thick layer of top coat and stuck the jewels on with tweezers. They lasted a couple of hours this way before I flipped the crown off with my fingers while playing with it. If you want it to last longer or ensure the jewels don't get lost, I recommend attaching them with nail glue or putting another thick layer of top coat over them. This was my first time wearing any sort of 3D elements on my nail and was surprised that I liked them as well as I did. But I am definitely prone to fiddling with any texture on my nail. This is why I cannot have nice things. Or at least I have to seal them in with more topcoat. LMAO.

This set will be available in Dave's Etsy shop on 11/30 at 1PM EST and will sell for $15 for a 15ml plus two gold nail jewels as shown. I really loved this set and definitely feel that it is worth it. Conclusion: totally badass.

OPNL is made by Dave in Connecticut.  The hard-partying octopus is his avatar. 

Check out his store at: 

Facebook fan group, The Octosquad: https://www.facebook.com/groups/841916589181559/

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