Saturday, November 15, 2014

Glittering Elements swatches

Here are six more vintage Glittering Elements polishes from my stash. Some of these are discontinued, but the good news is that Casey does customs and semi-customs, so if you like one, you are not out of luck, she might be able to make you something similar. Check them out after the break...

Electrik Blossom was an early shade from the brand and it is still available through Norway Nails. Since I bought my bottle it has been reformulated to be more opaque but is pretty much the same color. Great formula and a nice neon pink staple. Linear holographic shimmer and magenta flakes in fluorescent coral-pink base. Four thin coats.

Enchanted Lagoon was a limited edition shade - I feel super lucky to have it and highly recommend it if you spot it on the secondary market. One of my faves from the brand, it is at once vampy and brilliant. Linear holographic and teal shimmer in an ocean blue base. Four thin coats.

Enchanted Wood is another of the really early shades. This would work as a topper over other shades as well. Subtle holographic and spring green shimmer in a clear base. Four thin coats.

Envy Me is a great deep green. I am partial to these colors as they work well with my skin tone. Linear holographic shimmer in a metallic deep moss green shimmer base. Four thin coats.

Fairy Night Garden is another favorite for me. I love indigos and this is a great vampy holo version. It looks almost black but has a really shade to it. Linear holographic shimmer in a very dark Persian indigo-black base.  Three thin coats.

Firecracker is one of the pics on my Flickr that gets the most hits! Normally I am not a big glitter-wearer, but this is really nice and really does look flashy like the name suggests. Multi-colored glitter and holographic shimmer in a sheer fuchsia base. Four thin coats.

Glittering Elements is an Australian brand. Find her at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlitteringElements
And Anjo Beauty: http://www.anjo-beauty.com/

Glittering Elements social media: 

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