Friday, November 21, 2014

Northern Star Polish Vampire Collection

Do you like vampires, Anne Rice, and cool, mysterious polishes? Well, Northern Star Polish is releasing the Vampire Collection (one of two new collections) on November 24. This trio of polishes might just hit the spot. Check them out after the break...
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Dark Gift combines subtle indigo and magenta flakies with a gorgeous dark lilac base. The polish has a great formula and dries lightning fast, even by quick-dry standards. This is great for me, since I polish my nails right before bed and I don't have to wait long for these to be rock-solid. I wore this with four thin coats, but with thicker coats you could get away with a couple.

Immortal Kiss was probably my fave of this collection because it is so complex and interesting. I painted this on right before I headed out for a 140 mile drive through the night and it looks exactly like the night sky with holo stars and the faint glow of a city off in the distance. That glow? It's a really subtle purple-to-green duochrome shimmer in the black-burgundy jelly base. It's pretty hard to capture in photos but you can see a wee bit of it in the angled macro. What a cool and surprising touch. I wore this with four really thin coats, but again, most could do with fewer coats.

One With The Shadows has indigo-to-pink duochrome flakies as well as holographic and black microglitter in a blue-gray base. This also dries really fast and smooth. This one is shown with three coats.

I've been a long-time Northern Star Polish customer and these definitely remind me why I am a loyal fan of the brand. These swatches were worn with the brand's own milky base coat, which works perfectly with the polishes. While you are in the shop, you might throw a few cuticle oils in your cart, too. The scents are always amazing and I have quite a few in my stash. Also, Kristen will be releasing three more polishes on November 24th in addition to the Vampire Collection. These will be a a red shimmer, a blue holo, and a glitter topper from the Winter Collection, which you can check out here at Amanda Loves Polish. I'm planning buy Be Merry, Bish and Let It Go, Already for sure! Are any of these coming to live with you?
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Northern Star is made by Kristen in in Minnesota. The brand has beautiful, quick-drying polishes and also great cuticle care products.

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