Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish swatches

Today The Devil Wears Polish makes a debut on the blog, but it is far from a debut in my stash. I think I have managed to collect every holo and shimmer Tami has released. They are that good! I am continually amazed at her ability to produce beautiful colors with an easy, quick-drying formula. More details after the break...

Dang! is a super-vibrant purple that dries a bit darker on the nail than in the bottle. Pictures can't capture how much this one glows. It has a nice translucency and I am wearing it here with four coats, but that is only because I wanted to maximize the depth of the holo - it is fine with two. It is super-pigmented and I was having a sloppy day so there is a bit of shadow left over from when I cleaned up, but it came right off with handwashing and left no nail staining when I removed the polish. Operator error!  Linear holographic shimmer in a neon Mardi Gras purple base. Four thin coats. This one sells for $12.

Diva is a magical, glowing shade, also a jelly that has good coverage but remains translucent. This is a very nice color for fall, don't you think? Linear holographic shimmer in a carmine brown jelly base. Four thin coats. Priced at $12.

Fling is a full-coverage jelly holo that borders right on the edge of neon. This definitely cheered me up for the day. Like usual for the brand, a great, easy, to manage quick-dry formula. Linear holographic shimmer in an Alizarin red jelly base. Four thin coats. The full size costs $9.
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Lucky also has that magical glow, a product of the right level of translucency in combination with linear holo. This would make a nice base for a Christmas mani, I think. Linear holographic shimmer in a rich clover green jelly base. Four thin coats. This is $12.

Margaritaville is a bright foil that can be found in the brand's discounted prototypes section. It is a dark pastel green foil. Four thin coats. $8 for a full size.

Pink Panther is a knock-your-socks-off neon pink. It goes along perfectly with my refusal to acknowledge the end of summer. Notice how it hovers between pink and a corally orange?  Really cool! Linear holographic shimmer in a neon rose base. Three thin coats. The full size costs $9.

I've got to say that you won't go wrong with any of these polishes. Highly recommended!  Do you see any brights you want to try?

The Devil Wears Polish is made by Tami in Oklahoma. The brand is known for a huge variety of vividly pigmented polishes and eye-catching holo finishes. 

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