Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics swatches

Here are six more Carpe Noctem Cosmetics polishes for your viewing pleasure after the break!

Fae is a sheer brilliant rose frost with pale blue highlights. Thin coats are recommended, I'm wearing three thin ones here. This is available in a 12ml bottle for $5 or 15ml for $7.

Flounder from the In The Grotto Collection is a yellow that was specifically designed to be flattering to a variety of different skin tones - very tricky for this shade!  I would have to agree that it works, as it was my pedi shade for three weeks recently. The glitters can be smoothed out with a single thick layer of top coat and peek out nicely from the base. Linear holographic shimmer, blue and gold pearlescent glitter, holographic glitter, and turquoise matter glitter in a sheer Arylide yellow base. Four thin coats. This is available in a 15ml bottle for $10.

Green Goddess is an emerald green frost - as with all polishes of this finish, I recommend thin strokes. This is three. This is available in a 12ml bottle for $4.50 and a 15ml for $6.

Heart Of Gold has some amazing gold shimmer in a light salmon pink frost base.  The formula on this one is spectacular and it just glows. Four thin coats. This is available in a 6ml bottle for $3, 12ml for $6, and15ml for $9.

Interstellar Towel has a beautiful purple-to-green duochrome shimmer in a dark gray frost base. The formula is perfect and it has the quality of an oil slick - the color-shift is visible pretty much all the time. Three thin coats. It costs $4 for 6ml, $7 for 12ml, and $10 for 15ml.

I'm A Big Fucking Deal is a scattered holographic in a translucent light magenta pink jelly base. Emily's scattered holos are divine and dry super-shiny even with no top coat. Three thin coats. This is only $5 for a 12ml bottle.

A few of these are currently in the clearance section, so give them a look if you are interested!

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  1. Beautiful swatches! Flounder is definitely one of the most flattering yellows I've come across!

    1. I totally agree about Flounder - it's just a wonderfully cheerful shade, too.