Friday, October 24, 2014

Glitzkrieg War Paint Holo-Back Girl swatches

Today I have six more Glitzkrieg War Paint Holo-Back Girl polishes on the blog - some of these are older shades, and some newer. After the end of the month, Emily, the maker, is closing her Etsy store and select shades will be available at Ella Ann Cosmetics (http://www.ellaanncosmetics.bigcartel.com/artist/glitzkrieg-warpaint) and by special request from the maker. Have a look after the break! 

Code Brown was one of the original shades from the line. It leans between a creme and jelly base and is slightly cool-toned. Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer coconut brown jelly base. Four thin coats.

Deluge is also one of the first shades and is just spectacular.  It is a sheer jelly that layers to opacity and really glows, in an almost cartoonishly amazing way. Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer azure jelly base. Four thin coats.

Dollface Pink was released this summer as part of the brand's neon collection. The neon pigment makes this shift between pink and coral, which is a neat effect. This is linear holographic shimmer in a neon coral-pink base. Three thin coats.

Dusty Rose has a bit more creamy opacity than many other jellies, but it still has a wonderful squishy quality to it. This is a nice, basic, work-safe color. Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer cerise pink jelly base. Four thin coats.

Electric Violet is another polish from the brand's summer neon line. I had a few bits of concentrated pigment in this, but it was not really noticeably except in pictures. Otherwise the formula was good. Linear holographic shimmer in a neon magenta base. Three thin coats.

Emerald is the kind of rich green holo that I love! This one is very intense and lovely. Linear holographic shimmer in a sheer British racing green jelly base. Four thin coats.

Holos are currently $8.50 in the brand's Etsy store and $9 through Ella Ann Cosmetics. Ella Ann also offers free shipping on US orders of $50 or more with code USFREESHIP, and on international orders of $150 with code 150FREESHIP.

This is a new nail polish, makeup, and skin-care brand from Emily in New York. Her Holo-Back Girl line features luscious jelly-finish holos. Her Frankenlacquer's Monster Crazy Glitter Franken series features concentrated microglitter in sheer bases. 

Find her store here (until October 31): 

Retail e-store, Ella Ann Cosmetics:  http://www.ellaanncosmetics.bigcartel.com/artist/glitzkrieg-warpaint

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Facebook fan group, Glitzkrieg War Paint Polishers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/glitzkriegwarpaintpolishers