Monday, October 27, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics swatches

The next installment of Carpe Noctem Cosmetics swatches include some shades both new and old, as well as my favorite of all time by the brand. Check them out after the break.
*two polished sent my the maker for photography, four purchased*

King Triton is from the In The Grotto Collection and is a scattered holographic shimmer in a sky blue frost base. Three thin coats.  It is quite bright on the nail. This one is priced at $10 for a full-sized 15ml bottle.

Kintsukuroi is one of my favorite Carpe Noctems of all time and has a special place in my heart. This polish is named for a Japanese technique that uses gold powder in resin on repairs to pottery. I lived in Japan as a child and have many fond memories of visiting temples and on one special occassion, the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. This polish absolutely brings the gold I remember in Japan to life. Linear holographic shimmer in a gold foil base.  Four thin coats. It can also be worn as a topper in fewer coats. This is $7 for a 12ml bottle and $10 for a 15mls.

Literary Lady is one of the brand's classic complex color-shifting shimmer holos - so beautiful. The shift goes from cool to warm. Linear holographic and pink-to-gold duochrome shimmer in a metallic copper frost base. Three thin coats. This one is available in a 12 ml bottle for $7 and a 15ml bottle for $10.

Moss Agate is a scattered holographic shimmer in a sheer acid green jelly base. I am a huge fan of Emily's scattered holos as they have fantastic formulas and dry super-shiny. Four thin coats. It costs $5 for 12 ml and $7 for 15ml.

Paint Uranus Pink is a great color for pink lovers - it seems to shift between a cool and warm pink and has almost blue tones to it. Perfect formula. Linear holographic shimmer in a deep cerise shimmer base. Four thin coats. $7 for 12ml, $10 for 15ml.

Passionately Purple is a linear holographic shimmer in a light pastel purple shimmer base with pale blue highlights. Four thin coats. This one dries somewhat slower than the others and I recommend thin coats to prevent bubbling. $7 for 12ml, $10 for 15ml.

Do you see any you want to try here? Obviously Kintsukuroi is my fave!
*two polishes sent by the maker for photograph, four purchased*

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  1. King Triton is so pretty!

  2. Gosh, it is just SO bright! I've gotta say I really loved this whole batch of polishes.