Sunday, October 5, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics swatches

I'm back with more Carpe Noctem Cosmetics swatches today. You can get your hands on all of these and prices range from $4.50 to $15 with a variety of bottle sizes on offer. Check them out after the break!

Aurora Corealis is quite simply a stunner. It has a perfect formula and covers in two-to-three thin coats. If you are new to the brand this is one I highly recommend for a first order. The color is classic with a kick. Linear holographic, gold, and pink shimmer in a coral-pink base. Three thin coats. $7 for 12ml, $10 for 15ml.

Bubblegum Blues is a pink frost with really strong blue highlights that are hard to pick up on camera. In low light this polish actually looks blue! It can be used on its own or as a topper over a dark color. This does show brushstrokes but I don't mind the look at all. Sheer bubblegum pink frost with electric blue highlights. Three thin coats. It is currently on clearance at $4.50 for 12ml and $6 for 15ml.

Chromatic Drake was named for the son of the Ashley, the blogger behind Potions In Motion. It is an extremely complex color, with duochrome and scattered holo effects. This is also a frost finish, and I recommend thin coats to aid in drying. Scattered holographic and color-shifting sage green to rose pink duochrome shimmer in a kobe brown frost base. Three thin coats. It is $7 for 12ml, $10 for 15ml.

Clear Skies is a limited edition charity polish for Red Cross funding for tornado relief. There are still a few bottles left in the shop! Scattered holographic shimmer in a cornflower blue shimmer base with color-shifting pink-to-green duochrome highlights. Three thin coats. I recommend thin coats with this one to prevent bubbling. $11 for a 15ml bottle.

Dinglehopper can be worn as a topper or on its own, as I show it here. The formula is perfect and it dries quickly. Linear holographic shimmer and silver leaf in a clear base. Four coats. Since this has pure silver in it, the cost is higher than most other Carpe Noctems at $15 for a 15ml bottle.

Emerald Prism was custom made for me last year, based on the shade Green Goddess but with holo. You can order this as a custom listing if you want it for yourself. Scattered holographic shimmer in an emerald green frost base. Three thin coats. $15 for a 15ml bottle.

Some of these are on their way out, so pick them up while you can!

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics is an indie nail polish brand in Michigan. Find her at: 

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