Saturday, March 14, 2015

Glittering Elements protoypes and custom

Today is an exciting day for me! Glittering Elements, one of my favorite Aussie brands, is opening up shop again for a restock. It's the perfect time to show you some prototypes and a custom I have from Casey. While these are one-off, she does fantastic customs and may be able to make you something similar. More after the break...

010 is a prototype gold foil with a peachy base. This was amazing - opaque in two very thin coats. It is impossible to capture how luminous it is.

Add it to the other 9467001267 Holos >< is a semi-custom that has to be one of my favorite Glittering Elements polishes of all time! Ooooh, Casey knows me and my holo addiction all to well. While I may not have quite that many holos, maybe someday, lol. This one has gold microflakes and scattered holo in a bluish gray base. This was also perfectly opaque in two very thin coats with a silky-smooth formula. Divine!

Batch Pt 3 is another prototype, with scattered holo, magenta and silver flakes in an iron blue jelly base. I wore it with three thin coats. This was also a fantastic polish. Three hits in a row!

Glittering Elements always has lots of options in their releases so, check out the store reopening this weekend if these catch your fancy!

Glittering Elements is an Australian brand made by Casey.

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