Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics April 2015 releases

It's almost time for Celestial Cosmetics' new April 2015 releases! These will be available on April 1 (in only a few hours Australian time). There will be three posts on the new shades and I'll start off with the non-collection releases and new liquid latex first. Check out the beauty after the break...
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Celebrate With Nyx is a capital way to mark the second anniversary of the brand. Congrats, Nicki! This is a mega-super linear light teal holo. I wore this in three really thin coats but it is opaque in two and still has a magical translucency without sheerness. The formula is perfection and it dries super shiny. If you love green and blue holos this is one to get for sure! This will be priced at a special AUD$9 for the month of April only.

LE April 2015 is the limited edition for the month, playing tribute to the month's birthstone, diamond. It features a mix of holo microglitter and white and silver microflakes in a clear base. I'm wearing it here in three thin coats - it could also be worn as a topper in a single thin top. Nice formula and easy coverage. This polish will be AUD$11.

Next I have a new nail art product, the Camo Coat. This is a peel-off liquid latex masking liquid that is painted on with the brush in the bottle (this will be in a 8ml medium bottle as shown for maximum control). I tried it out to minimize cleanup when doing a sponge-on gradient using three shades by Celestial, Celebrate With Nyx, Estrella (blue holo), and Blood Moon Rising (dark burgundy holo). I pulled the skin back slightly on the sidewalls to be able to get precise application and it worked great. I sponged the colors on, then took a small tweezer and peeled back the latex. As you can see below, the cleanup was really minimal. Perfect!  Note that this product should not be used by anyone with latex allergies or sensitivities. The price on this will be AUD$5.50.

I loved this gradient! I meant to take it off right away and swatch a new color right away but that didn't happen, haha! Check back over the course of the week for more new shades from the Celestial Cosmetics The Land of Fae Collection

*sent by the maker for photography and review*

Celestial Cosmetics is made by Nicki in Port Noarlunga, South Australia. The line not only includes beautifully crafted holos, shimmers, cremes, and glitters, but stamping polishes. 
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