Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Marbles For Polish February 2015 releases

Marbles For Polish released four new colors this month, including some in a monthly series, plus a fan group exclusive. Check out the details after the break!

Februalia (for Feburary) has indigo shard glitters and lavender holo microglitters in a dark magenta jelly base. I wore it with four thin coats and it was the usual Marbles for Polish glitter formula - quick drying and easy to use.

Janus (for January) has red shards, red microglitter, and purple hex glitter in a luscious candy apple red jelly base. This was probably my favorite of this month's release! This is shown with four thin coats, but it is opaque in fewer.

Keepsies is an exclusive for the Marbles For Polish and More fan group on Facebook. You can join here if you would like to buy it and take part in the fun! It has holo shimmer and glitter as well as blue-to-magenta duochrome microflakes in a eucalyptus blue base. This was thicker in formula than the average polish from the brand so I recommend thin coats - I wore three but you could easily do with just two. No other issues than the thickness.

Mars (for March) is a gorgeous sky blue jelly with green/gold shimmer, three shades of blue hex glitter, and holo microglitter. Perfect formula that I wore here with four thin coats. I loved the depth of this.

I can't wait to see what Shannon creates next for this series. Again, I highly recommend joining the Marbles For Polish fan group to pick up Keepsies and for other news!

Marbles For Polish is a line created by blogger Shannon. You can check out her polish 

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