Saturday, February 14, 2015

Aurora Lacquers Chakra Prism Collection part 2

Here is the second half of the Aurora Lacquers Chakra Prism Collection. You can check out the first half here. Check out the glitter topper and three more scattered holos after the break...

Prism Of Clarity has translucent, pearlescent orange, red, green, blue, and purple hex glitters and silver holo triangle glitters. I wore it here on its own in four coats. Nice, trouble-free formula. 

Sahasrara Bliss has a hint of blue-to-gold multichrome flakes in a shimmery amethyst purple base. This has a great formula and I wore it in four thin coats.

Swadhisthana Desire is a deep bittersweet orange scattered holo with a shiny, jelly-like consistency. The holo settled in this one but I was able to mix it up with a toothpick and got a nice mani with four thin coats. This is still available in the shop in a full-sized bottle for $12.

Vishudda Dream is a smoky, slightly violet-tinged blue shimmer holo. Perfect formula, worn there in three thin coats.

Besides the holo settling in the orange, Swadhisthana Desire, this was a nice set of polishes with good formulas. In spite of the trouble with it, Swadhisthana Desire was still probably my favorite in the set because the color is so unusual and flattering to my warm skin tone.

Aurora Lacquers is produced by a mother-daughter team and often features stunning tightly scattered holos and glitters with quick dry times.

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