Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Aurora Lacquers Chakra Prism Collection part 1

I've been wearing some polishes from an Aurora Lacquers collection released last fall, the Chakra Prism Collection. While some are sold out, a few are still available and you may always find one in a de-stash sale. More pics of the first half after the break...

Anahata Amour is a bright grass green jelly with silver shimmer. This had a bit of holo in the beginning, but it seems to have lost its coating over time and just become a pretty jelly. This is four thin coats - so in its current state it would be good for nail art or layering.

Anja Vision has scattered holo shimmer and magenta microflakes in an iris blue base. This one is really bright and has a great formula. I wore it here with three thin coats but you could do fewer. It is still available in the shop for $12.

Manipura Virtue is a sunny yellow shimmer with scattered holo, good formula which I wore with four very thin coats. This one is also still available.

Muladhara Strength was probably my favorite from the collection. The scattered holo is off the charts and is combined with a strong amaranth red shimmer that borders on metallic. I wore this with two thin coats.

I loved the idea of getting a scattered holo rainbow collection so I'm glad to have picked this up. While sadly Anahata Amour lost its holo, it is still  pretty. 

Aurora Lacquers is produced by a mother-daughter team and often features stunning tightly scattered holos and glitters with quick dry times. 

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