Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Devil Wears Polish Halloween 2014 Collection part 2

It's time for the second half of Halloween in January! I've got three more polishes from The Devil Wears Polish Halloween 2014 Collection. The good news is that these beauties are still available! Check them out after the break...
*gift of the maker*

Geist is a shimmer polish with green-to-blue shift and brown undertones. This had a perfect, quick-dry formula and I'm wearing it here in four thin coats.

Haunt Me is similar to Geist, but with a blue-to-magenta shift. Again, perfect formula and worn here with three thin coats.

Zombies Need Holo 2 is a reformulated version of a previous polish and it is spectacular. This is a sophisticated avocado green shimmer holo with wonderful richness and depth. I wore it with three thin coats and again, perfect formula.

Hope you enjoyed Halloween in January. I would lobby for every month to have wonderful greens, browns, and duochromes like this, hehe!
*gift of the maker*

The Devil Wears Polish is made by Tami in Oklahoma. The brand is known for a huge variety of vividly pigmented polishes and eye-catching holo finishes. 

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