Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ever After Polish Bloody Valentine Collection, part 1

It's getting to be that time of year again, the Hallmark Holiday of LUVVVV. Well, you be one of those folks that celebrate it at face value, one who is grumpy about the shambles of your own love life, or just they type of person to have a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun and all still enjoy the new Ever After Polish Valentine's Collection. Because it's the Bloody Valentine Collection! There are six shades total and I will preview three of them today and three in the next post (they are releasing on January 23). I had to break it up because I could not resist taking extra pictures of the adorable labels that Rachel draws. Aren't they amazing? Check them out after the break! 
*sent by the maker for photography and review*

I was completely expecting 2Hot4U to be a regular shimmer or frost holo when I saw the bottle but NOPE, this is something really special. It is an intense metallic lavender linear holo. The formula on this was perfect and not at all streaky. I am wearing it here with three thin coats but it is definitely opaque with fewer. This is one of those airbrushed-nail-looking polishes!

Be Mine Or Die drives me wild! It has navy holographic microglitter and indigo shard glitter in an onyx jelly base. Perfect, quick-drying formula again and full coverage in two-to-three thin coats. This is just so rich and intense!

Bloody Valentine is the namesake of the collection, with orange holo microglitters and red hex and shard glitters in a Ferrari red jelly base. The color is definitely red but leans toward orange, which is great for my pale yellow skin tone. It is the warm counterpart to Be Mine Or Die. I wore this with four thin coats and again, perfect formula and glitter distribution. And look at that label!!!

Ever After Polish is knocking it out of the park for a new brand. Be sure to check back soon for the second half of the collection. This collection is launching January 23!

*sent by the makers for photography and review*

Ever After Polish is made by friends Rachel and Miranda in Ohio. Their new line has something for lovers of all different finishes, with quick dry times and easy formulas.


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