Saturday, December 6, 2014

NailNation 3000 swatches

A little while ago, one of my all-time favorite brands, NailNation 3000 ran a giveaway where you tagged a friend and got a chance to win a prize for both you and your buddy. I tagged Schette from  Les essais beauté de Schette and we won! Not only were the prize colors stunning but there was a touching surprise in there for me!  Every time I wear NailNation 3000 it reminds me why I have 
been buying Maria's polishes for over two years. They might be pricier than many indies, but she packs them absolutely full of Spectraflair and really high-quality pigments and there are frequent sales and specials. Not only that, but they dry lightning fast and are easy to control. These are luxury polishes, for sure! Check them out after the break...

#WipeOutTransphobia was from the Wipe Out Transphobia Collection. This is an amazingly intense regalia purple holo. It is magical how strong the shimmer is, but doesn't lighten the base. This is four thin coats, but fewer would suffice. I love the cause to which it is dedicated. In my heart I feel that acceptance of people of all identities will make us a happier and healthier society. This polish is sold out at the moment, but it might be reformulated in the future.

Aariyah was not one of my prize polishes, but I wore it recently. This was a limited edition from this past February named for Maria's granddaughter before she was born and is a lovely salmon jelly holo. This is four thin coats and it could also be used as a tinted holo top coat.

Dance Like No Ones Around is another from the Wipe Out Transphobia Collection. This is an ultra-holo magenta with an almost metallic quality. This one is also sold out at the moment but may be reformulated.

Enigmatic & Holo is a limited edition polish that is still available in the Storenvy shop for $14.75. This is a polish that I thought looked pretty in the bottle, but it really blew me away when I got it on my nails. There is linear holographic shimmer and terracotta brown flakes with color-shifting blue-to-pink duochrome sheen. Normally flakies will take away the linear quality of a holo, but this is so packed with shimmer that it doesn't. The effect is magical and ends up like a foil finish.

It's A Holo State of Mind is exactly my kind of polish. I love murky greens and golds and this light olive green one packs a holo punch. This is a jelly base, so it can be used as a topper or on its own in three to four coats. It is currently available for $15.

Finally, I come to my surprise polish - one named for my blog!  This is such an exciting honor. The Holo Hippie is an extremely complex polish, and does bring to mind a hippyish combo of elements. There are so many kinds of glitter in this I can't even count them, plus little blue flakes and scattered holo. I am wearing it here in four thin coats, but it can also be used as a topper. This one is limited edition and available for $14.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of NailNation 3000 and there will surely be quite a bit more on the blog as I am in love with the brand. Thank you, Maria, for the awesome prize! Any in particular catch your fancy?

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