Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Nordic Collection

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics' Nordic Collection is a delicate, unexpected collection of four pastel holos for winter, releasing on 12/12. Nevertheless the feel soft and beautiful for the days when the snow flies and the sun shines peakedly through the frosty haze. More after the break... 

Dagr's Chariot represents the Nordic personification of day, who carries the sky in his chariot. The blue creme-jelly base is very intense and reminds me of the cool azure of a clear sky. This is three thin coats. Generally the polishes in this collection dry a little slower than average for the brand, so I recommend drying drops or a quick-dry top coat.

Frigg's Vision refers to the wife of Odin, who can see the future and tells no one. This pastel lavender struck me as mysterious and complex, with a hint of gray. This is four thin coats.

Loki And The Snake represents the incident where Loki got himself in trouble with Thor and ended up with a poisonous snake suspended over his face, dripping poison on him. How rude! Well, the color isn't - a lovely, delicate pastel green. This is four thin coats.

Winds Of Thor is the special polish for me! One night Emily, the maker, and I were chatting on Facebook and she mentioned pastel holos for the Nordic Collection. I asked for a menacing blue-tinged gray called Winds Of Thor since Led Zeppelin's No Quarter always brought to mind the wintry North of the Dark Ages. Well, she whipped up the perfect shade in only a matter of minutes!  This is four thin coats.

The Nordic Collection will go live in Emily's Etsy store on Friday, 12/12. If you love soft, pastel holos with creme-jelly bases, this is definitely not one to miss!

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