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Influenster Unilever Dry Spray VoxBox: Degree Motionsense Dryspray Review

I received my second Influenster VoxBox recently and was pretty excited for the chance to try something new/old: spray-on antiperspirant, in this case Degree Motionsense Dryspray. While I mostly have covered indie nail polish so far, and still will, I will occasionally be featuring other beauty products on the weekends since I love to test things. Yeah, I am one of those people who wanders around Walmart randomly looking for new products, lol. Catch my thoughts following several weeks of testing after the break...
*sent by Influenster for review*

Degree Motionsense Dryspray Influenster VoxBox

I admit, I am a antiperspirant aficionado and snob. When my favorite kind was discontinued in 2004, I actually bought up every container at all the shops in my town and had enough to last me ELEVEN YEARS! Yes, you read that right. I only had to start buying again this year. My criteria for a good deodorant is this: 1) it must keep me feeling dry; 2) it must smell good; 3) it must not leave icky deposits on my clothes; 4) it must clean off perfectly in the shower and not clog up my razor. For a long time that was a pretty tall order. Still many, antiperspirants muck up my razor, which I don't like at all.

This VoxBox could have included any number of Unilever brands, and it is a great coincidence that they happened to send Degree, which was a stick product I had liked best so far this year. As for a spray version, I was super curious, as my previous experience with this type of product had last occurred in the 1980s, with leftover cans my parents still had from the 1970s! Back then, it would envelope you in a cough-inducing white cloud and was genuinely heinous, lol.

Degree Motionsense Dryspray comes in an ergonomic canister with a rubber-tipped trigger. It does make a bit of a cloud when you spray, but nothing like the old kinds of spray products. The scent I received, Fresh Energy, was a light, fruity, ozonic that was refreshing but did not linger. The instructions mention holding the canister 6 inches from skin but I recommend more, as it comes out COLD, especially when it is new. One pitfall: after about a week of testing mine stopped working. I was so sad as I liked the product so far and it was still pretty much full. Luckily it was just a clog in the sprayer, which I was able to fix with a safety pin. So keep in mind that it may clog up and have to be cleared out. Let's have a look at the canister:
Degree Motionsense Dryspray

Degree Motionsense Dryspray

Degree Motionsense Dryspray

Below I show the product sprayed pretty thickly onto my arm, both wet and dry. As you can see, it dries nice and matte with very little residue, so it will not ruin your clothes. Since I shower at night, I did prefer to freshen it up with a quick shot in the morning, not for odor, but to ensure I felt dry for the next 12 hours of the day.
Degree Motionsense Dryspray

Degree Motionsense Dryspray

Overall, I would say I am very pleased with the product and will probably buy it again for use at home, but not for travel due to carry on restrictions. It is priced at $4.97 for 3.8 oz. at Walmart. This is less per ounce than the comparable stick product from the brand, but I am not sure how it compares in terms of number of uses, since that may contain the propellant as well. Have you tried this product before? Do you all remember the old version of spray antiperspirant, haha?

If you have not already heard of it, Influenster is a product review and market research firm that provides sampling and review opportunities for people active on social media, and in turn we provide feedback to the companies who participate. If you want to join or learn more you can find the website here:

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